Monday, September 6, 2010

Customer Service humour

So we've all had our share of eventful conversations with someone in a call centre based somwehere in India or the Phillipines. But what about customer service offline - in most places in the world it certainly is quite sucky!

Wonkie has come up with in my opinion quite a brilliant post listing 10 tips for delivering superiorly poor service to your customers/ clients. It seems there is a lot of validity to the tips and the explanations about the reason for each of them are even funnier!

Check out the Customer Service South Africa cartoon here. Now wouldn't it be great if the Department of Tourism actually used some of this content in some of their own training material?!

On another note, it appears that SA has banned Online Casino South Africa including the one with the infamous Dolf Lundgren (Silver sands casino - whatever will poor South Africans do now that their entertainment is being taken away? The question is what will Wonkie do now in terms of advertising! MBA life coaching perhaps? LOL

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