Monday, February 7, 2011

Executive coaching and Sushi eating

It's been a while since I've posted some cartoons for all you Wonkie Lovers out there. This is largely because I've been busy setting up a couple of websites on executive coaching and also creating the template for a new Guru Cartoon strip on Wabber. Both of these are almost done and ready to launch now so more on this later.

2011 has certainly been off to an interesting start with the election fever settling in in South Africa and all sorts of turmoil internationally - not least of which the events in North Africa which seem to be unprecedented. One can only hope that the situation resolves there peacefully soon.

In more entertaining news, the Kunene sushi party saga continues in South Africa with a twist. Kenny has had his vibe squashed by the ANC authorities in an attempt to redeem themselves from negative associated publicity before the 2011 local elections. The man certainly knows how to party and it's a pity we won't be seeing too many more pictures of him eating sushi of sexy ladies... for now!

On the executive coaching and business coaching side, there will be a cartoon strip being launched shortly titled Coach Potato... that will definitely be a fun read for all those in the coaching and mentoring industry. Stayed tuned next week when the coaching content will be launched internationally!

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for coaching humour please feel free to pass them on - it would be great to get your input and get things going again in 2011! For those of you that are based outside South Africa and are not interested in coaching or cartoons, check out the latest online casinos that accept paypal - that ought to keep you entertained for some time :)