Saturday, November 29, 2008

Schabir is back...!

Jacob Zuma has been entangled or associated with some dodgy characters over the years. Still the man is popular in South Africa beyong belief. Schabir Shaik is probably one of those associations he will be quite glad to shake off.

After Zuma's Zapiro shower-head cartoon made its debut I don't think anyone in South Africa can think of Zuma and AIDS in the same sentence without thinking of his 'I had a shower so I'm safe' strategy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rapid Transit

Hmmm.. I seem to have forgotten that i promise a review of a non-African humour site each week.. it just seems that I've forgotten - I haven't really - honest! I'll be putting together a list of cartoon and comic websites and introducing the sites here over the next few weeks.. I just need to get some momentum going first with my higher priority stuff.

If anyone has any ideas for new sites I should include here please email me or post your suggestion here and I'll add it to my list ok!

Humour for a sick puppy

No no I don't mean a lousy or gross joke.. I mean I have been as sick as dog for the last couple of days.. did not even turn the computer on :( Anyway, time to come back with a vengeance .. lol! I missed out the 2 Zimbabwe cartoons with Thabo Mbeki, Robert 'Big Bob' Mugabe and the cholera epidemic and the appeal for donations to Gift of the Givers on Wonkie on Monday and Tuesday.

But I'm certainly not missing out on the South Africa crime statistics and Zuma blue light VIP protection unit cartoon today! Definitely needed a laugh and that did just the trick! South Africa is really becoming like a bit of a banana republic with all the pomp and arrogance of kilometer long special vehicle convoys and the rest - totally Idi Amin style behaviour by the current president of the ANC. Hopefully this is just a phase he's going through and it will be all better after his shower tomorrow morning!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What is a Chinkara anyway!

A Chinkara is a little deerlike animal found in India - it's been in the limelight over the last couple of years largely because it's endangered and it's being constantly hunted and poached.. for some reason by Bollywood filmstars with 'Khan' somewhere in their names.

Salman Khan is probably the most famous of these Bollywood Chinkara hunters - he was convicted - well as best you can convict a Bollywood star in India - of poaching. Be sure to look at the Salman Khan Chinkara photo for a laugh!


A few days back we saw a cartoon showing ol' Julius taking political strategy lessons from republican Sarah Palin in Alaska.

Alas poor Julius is getting rapped on the knuckles for misbehaving once again. Check out 2 recent cartoon posts on Wonkie to get an idea of Julius Malema background and also his anger management therapy. The cartoon is great but be sure to read the post on Julius's background - the man has hard a tough life and it may explain some of his behaviour.

If you want to see all his cartoons on Wonkie so far, go directly to the Julius Malema cartoon archive

Friday, November 21, 2008

The weekend is upon us!

Ok.. no posts from me this weekend as I'll be jetting aroung the countryside counting flowers and picking strawberries with the kids. It's been a fun week so far - next week will be a bit more hectic methinks.. shall have to up the dose of the funnies to keep myself sane!

Enjoy the weekend y'all!

Obama-fever cools off

Kenyans were ecstatic to the point of believing the fate of Africa had changed when Obama was elected in the US a couple of weeks back. Obamamania finally dies down and the world sinks back into its reality of a looming major recession.. nothing like a cartoon about the depression to cheer you up on a Friday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's cartoon of the day!

Having read all the comments against Zapiro - thought I'd display the cartoon here so you can make your own judgement - I think it's a classic!

There is still much controversy around this cartoon - if Zapiro gets into trouble legally because of this I bet 50 bucks South Africa winds up like Zimbabwe in 10 years.

Explaining UK and US relationship

For those of you who wonder why Tony Blair of the United Kingdom so often sided with George Bush, the answer is uncovered by the Whole Truth investigative journalist team.. and the truth is more ominious than you can imagine. In fact Bush has been manipulating the both the east and the west with his secret weapons of mass destruction.

It is unlikely that Obama will stop with this behaviour either.. in fact he probably needs to use it more in house than against any axis of evil right now. Once again a dangerous weapon turns into a means for protection of a world superpower - as it was in the cold war and as it is now - find Chuck Norris here and uncover Chuck Norris facts with respect to Gordon Brown, the UK prime minister - it's a disturbing truth.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sarah Palin's mentorship continues

Lol.. this just gets funnier all the time.. Sarah Palin's mentoring of Malema on how to become the next president of South Africa - Malema for president - crazy stuff.

If Malema were Zuma's lackey wouldn't that just be the strangest turn of events if he winds up overthrowing JZ for the lead of the ANC? Scary thought!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cartoon of the day - Tuesday

Cartoon of the day today comes from .. a fun blog with some great cartoons - check it out :)

Julius Malema taking lessons from Sarah Palin!

What a thought - it seems the associations on the Wonkie cartoon blog get crazier by the day but this cartoon is a SouthPark style classic.. it seems radical South African politician and president of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema can have his outbursts explained by ... strategy!

Say some silly things in front of the media, make your party lose the election and Bob's your uncle (probably not a good saying if you're anywhere near Zimbabwe!) check out the Julius Malema cartoon and compare it with Sarah Palin's strategy for a shock revelation.

Monday, November 17, 2008

South African humour

Stumbled across one more site today that was quite fun - some photoshopped pictures of Zuma that are are really a blast to browse! Check out funny mail - a South African blog

Zuma the chameleon

Cartoon of the day.. goes reptile today :) I think this has been on quite a few peoples minds since Zuma has been doing his rounds at every secular group in the country promising them the world.. from rich to the poor, from the crime ridden cape flats to the business community - everyone will get what they want with Zuma at the helm.

Check out the latest comic on this cartoon blog to see Zuma the chameleon in action!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bollywood Buzz

Bollywood Nights is another cartoon strip that's hosted on Wonkie cartoons - it cover Bollywood celebrity news with a rather twisted comical view.. for the latest update on bollywood news like the recent SRK and Salman Khan feud check out the Bollywood Nights cartoon blog

Classic Cyanide and Happiness

Ok so this is my choice C&H cartoon for the weekend... enjoy!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

State of crime in South Africa

Looks like they've been a huge spate of jewellery stores heists in Johannesburg and other parts of the country recently.. as if cash-in-transit heists and atm bombing spectacles weren't enough for us already! It's amazing that the government still does not acknowledge how bad the crime situation is in South Africa

Check out the latest wonkie cartoon on the cartoon blog on the subject of crime: Crime in South Africa


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Black James Bond

The time has finally come for a black James Bond to hit the stage.. well according to Daniel Craig at least. I'm sure the South African government will use this to angle some new BBBEE! Check out the black James Bond cartoon on wonkie for a chuckle!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gordon Brown succumbs to Obama

Great.. Obama is already on track to ensure Gordie is 'in line' with his thinking - check out the latest Wonkie cartoon on Gordon Brown cartoon for a look at the Whole Truth!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cyanide and Happiness

For those of you who haven't come across the awesome Cyanide and Happiness strip check out - the cartoons there are amazing!

The Wonkie Fan Club

This is a blog that is dedicated to Wonkie fans. We welcome posts of anything cool and funny - particularly elements that are very topical. The mad bunch of cartoonists at Wonkie will try to translate, combine and otherwise mutilate your news into a funny cartoon and post it on Wonkie giving you full credit for all or part of the idea :) The idea is stimulate creativity and humour and what can otherwise be a very dull and miserable existence!

If you haven't already.. check out for your daily dose of laughter!