Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introducing Wabber

The latest addition to the Wonkie family is a comical site called Wabber - Avoid Work. Wabber is short for a person who indulges in WAB - Work Avoidance Behaviour. There will be a collection of funny stuff being put up on the site - from photo captions contests to the best from other cartoon sites and general internet fun content that is currently doing its rounds through the email networks.

Wabber will also contain a number of cartoon strips including ze Guru (covering spiritual and relgious humor), Stat (a medical related strip), and casino pigs (a gambling related cartoon strip).

Monday, May 18, 2009

More photo fun

The latest Helen Zille photo caption contest didn't draw as many comments as the previous Zuma Zulu captions but still some good reads there nonetheless. Wonkie will probably be making this a regular feature going forward - once a week to take you into the weekend - please feel free to submit any photos you think may be a laugh to caption - looking forward to this weeks one with the honourable President Malema.

If you do come across any funny cartoon sites please do forward them so we can incorporate them here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Photo fun

Photo caption contests seem to be a hit all round on cartoon and comic websites. The latest addition that came out was a Photo of Jacob Zuma in zulu dress on Wonkie which drew close to 100 caption entries to the photo on the first day.

Check it out and be sure to add your entry to win a free Wonkie T-Shirt!

With the inauguration of Jacob Zuma over yesterday, the focus will be on the new cabinet in South Africa - I imagine there will be lots of new candidates for cartoon fun going forward!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Even swine flu has its uses

The world has been going crazy with airline screenings for swine flu - everything short of obtaining mandatory rectal thermometer readings at Heathrow. There are a few conspiracy theories around that these rumours about the severity of the virus (H1N1) is being spread by the various pharmaceutical companies that stand to gain the most from the worldwide debacle. 300 infected people is hardly cause for the global panic we all find ourselves in right now!

Today's cartoon on Wonkie (http://www.wonkie.com) takes a different look at the swine flu epidemic and even managed to find an incredibly useful niche use for the virus - or preventative measure against the virus - check out how How to shut up a Julius Malema using a biological threat

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cartoon site for techies - XKCD.com

Well not just for techies but all hardcore mathematicians, engineers, physicists and the like - there is a cartoon site filled with wonderful geeky humour just for you! Check out xkcd for some novel cartoons with a scientific twist!

Warning: probably not within grasping power of liberal arts majors!! Here is a recent cartoon from XKCD as an example:

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Whole Truth returns

It's been a while since we updated this site - mostly because we've been working on another cartoon portal that will be launching later this month. The demand for these seems to be increasing like crazy - not sure if South Africans are becoming more comfortable with internet humour or what but we've noticed a spike in a number of the cartoon sites we monitor - especially over the last month.

In any case, the new portal - the name still to be determined will be covering more generic cartoons like nET yOUR cATCH, Poker Nights, and some other professional strips targeted at management consultants, investment bankers and medical workers. nET yOUR cATCH will be taking a look at the lighter side of online dating and matrimonial sites.

Now that the 2009 official South African election results are out, the Whole Truth cartoon strip has returned in full force. If you haven't checked these out as yet be sure to do so... particularly if you enjoy Southpark style humour - it's loaded with conspiracy theories, from the involvement of Chuck Norris in the US presidency all the way through to the likely link between Iran, Pakistan, twitter and the swine flu pandemic.