Monday, April 12, 2010

Controversial cartooning - Part 2

With the flurry of news surrounding Julius Malema and his controversial singing of the struggle song Shoot the Boer, it's no wonder that Wonkie has published its most crazy cartoon on Malema yet - you've seen his Matric results, you've seen the Is Malema racist post - stand back and roll over with laughter for the latest Shoot the Boer cartoon:

Julius Malema cartoon thumbnail
Shoot the Boer CartOOn!

Definitely the best one we've seen this year from Wonkie - keep it up guys! Having read the comments on this post South African CartoonLovers the world over desperately need to receive a positive one soon... c'mon Sizwe... please! :)

And one more note if you're not an email subscriber to Wonkie - sign up as soon as you can to be included in the draw for a snazzy MP3 player at the end of April! Follow the free cartoons by email link when you're on the Wonkie site :)