Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Humour for a sick puppy

No no I don't mean a lousy or gross joke.. I mean I have been as sick as dog for the last couple of days.. did not even turn the computer on :( Anyway, time to come back with a vengeance .. lol! I missed out the 2 Zimbabwe cartoons with Thabo Mbeki, Robert 'Big Bob' Mugabe and the cholera epidemic and the appeal for donations to Gift of the Givers on Wonkie on Monday and Tuesday.

But I'm certainly not missing out on the South Africa crime statistics and Zuma blue light VIP protection unit cartoon today! Definitely needed a laugh and that did just the trick! South Africa is really becoming like a bit of a banana republic with all the pomp and arrogance of kilometer long special vehicle convoys and the rest - totally Idi Amin style behaviour by the current president of the ANC. Hopefully this is just a phase he's going through and it will be all better after his shower tomorrow morning!

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